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"I found Rachelle by word of mouth from another farmer and new mother who sang her praises! The level of tension in my neck and shoulders and pain in my back, hips, and legs, from baby wearing, breastfeeding, and working the farm, was getting a bit unreal and I couldn’t wait to make an appointment for some help. Rachelle not only has amazing techniques that really addressed my concerns (and has helped relieve tension that I’ve never been able to experience before) but she also has a warmth and ability to hold space to truly listen and you know she’s coming from a genuine place of care and healing for her clients. She provides wonderful educational resources on her social media that have been very affirming and useful. I make regular appointments with her and highly recommend her. Many of my friends and family have already accessed her services and will go back again as well! Many, many thanks for sharing your gift of healing, Rachelle!"

-Emily C


"Please treat yourself to a monthly massage with Rachelle during your pregnancy, you won't regret it (or ask for it as a gift from family/friends for the holidays/showers)!  Rachelle really understands the pregnant body, more so than I probably did. She took into account that I am hypermobile (even before the relaxin), and made sure to support my joints while doing stretches. My extra flexibility caused my back to go out during my second trimester, and Rachelle was able to help me mitigate that pain. With the combination of massages with Rachelle and PT, my back was feeling better within a few weeks-- with no pain after baby came. When your body is changing so rapidly and you have a million things to figure out before baby comes, nothing feels better than a stress and muscle melting massage with Rachelle.  Thank you, Rachelle."

-Sarah S


"I found Rachelle on Pacific Birth Collective early in my pregnancy. I saw her throughout and weekly during my third trimester. Her gentle prenatal massages were honestly the highlight of my pregnancy. She came to my house every time, set everything up, and gave me the most comfortable and relaxing massage surrounded by pillows. My labor and delivery was only four hours and I know how relaxed she helped me to get played a big part in that."  

-Clare E 


"I struggled to find a prenatal massage therapist and was so happy when I found Rachelle. She does an excellent job and I've continued to see her postpartum. Very skilled and professional. Highly recommended!"

- Mikki S


“Rachelle has an intuitive touch and truly cares about helping me to feel my best. She is able to get all the right spots and with the deep pressure I need. Having her set up in our home is incredibly convenient with a new baby and busy lifestyle. I feel so comfortable with her and am so grateful for her services.”

-Ashley O


"I always look forward to my massage from Rachelle. She has a wonderful, intuitive touch and always seems to find the right spots. Caring, professional, and sensitive to the areas that are bothering me so that I feel a great sense of relief and relaxation."

-Robyn K


"Rachelle was referred to me by a good friend who knows I have seen dozens of massage therapists all over the island because I know how important it is to get regular massage. Since I met Rachelle, I have not seen another massage therapist. This woman has magical, healing hands! She comes to our house monthly for both me and my fiance. When she leaves, we both feel like brand new people. I highly recommend her. Aside from being the best massage I've ever had, she is so kind and she comes to you!"

-Brittany W


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